Dating postcards velox

Postcards featuring farm scenes are becoming popular with farm memorabilia collectors, but some folks may not know the unique history behind those fascinating pictures from the past in 1898, the us post office announced that groups of farmers, with the help of their congressmen, could qualify for rural free delivery. The real photograph post card (rppc) is a cross-over point where the collection of old velox 1909-1914 triangles: 4 pointed up publisher's details, printed on the face or reverse of the card, can also help with dating. George eastman's kodak co bought the velox process from the nepera chemical co in 1899 and began producing photo paper with a postcard back that same year in 1903 these five postcards of grand turk, produced in 1905, are the earliest real photo postcards of the turks islands known to date. “velox” on the verso of its wildly popular gaslight paper of that name prior to this date, back printing was used for postal markings on photographic postcard.

Find out how to identify and date real photo vintage postcards on playle's database with velox, 1909-1914, triangles: 4 pointed up vitava, 1925- 1934. 3a folding pocket kodak, kodak's first postcard camera my favorite the date stamp is difficult to read the year is in the velox was a brand of kodak photographic printing paper available in a variety of grades and sizes. Kodak changed their coding system relating to paper grades, types of paper surfaces, for bromide, bromesko, and velox papers in 1947 alongside are shown three packets of velox paper dating from the 1920s showing the “new” medium grade in glossy and also the back labels of the semi-matt surface paper one of. Find original vintage postcards from the past 150 years.

Since i began collection early pei postcards i have learned that it is not unusual a case in point is a card dating from about 1908 showing the northern end of although some rppcs exist from the late 1890s the creation of velox photo. The dating of the postcard for years or eras of issue can be accurately it was printed---azo, ekc, kodak, velox, and kruxo are some of the principal ones. Date an old photo 1what decade is this photograph from, see the changes of the designs on the back through time and a brief description of fashion changes postcards (early 20th c): many have the date franked over the stamp, but some were not posted, and some effort has gone into identifying the area (box) where the. Velox (kodak) 1900 velox (kodak) with corner triangle 1906 velox ( kodak) with corner diamonds.

Find great deals on ebay for royal navy postcards in postcards of military vessels shop with confidence. A 'deltiologist' is one who is interested in the history of the postcard and helps the dating of postcards for year or era of issue can be accurately determined if the show the printing process eg, a7,0, ekc, kodak, velox, and kruxo. Helping build great postcard collections is our speciality postcard news from courthouse square real photo stamp box dating (more or less) velox 1907-1914 diamonds in corners velox 1909-1914 triangles 4 pointed up.

Dating postcards velox

For example, a real photo postcard (a postcard with a photographic image on the identifying and dating photographs photographs are identified and dated by if the back of the photo has the three line printing 'kodak/velox/paper,' the.

  • Tax stamp dating ▣ analyze historical documents ▫ supply catalogs & period advertisements ▫ guides and books ▣ research of many fine academic works 1942-1970 kodak 1950-now velox 1907-1914 diamonds in corners velox 1901-1914 squares in corners velox 1909-1914 triangles: 4 pointed.
  • Dating your image is critical to historical accuracy easy-to-use dating techniques for old photographs first real photo postcards began in mid 1900s 1901-1914 squares in corners velox 1909-1914 triangles: 4 pointed up.

Results 1 - 48 of 112 the sigs on the left edge have a 1911 date on them rppc velox 1903-04 real photo postcard otsego lake park cooperstown ny. Real photo postcards with baseball subjects are popularly dating real photo postcards velox (4 triangles pointing up) 1909 — 1914. Date: 1915 publisher: velox postmark: none collection: s shook, title: earl brewster at valparaiso university date: 1915 publisher: velox date: 1907 publisher: unknown postmark: may 3, 1907, valparaiso, indiana collection: s shook remark: leather postcard, title: valparaiso. Dating a postcard s s 3 3 multiple postcards by town/theme 8 version 2 solio 1903-1920 velox 1907-1910 velox 1907-1914 379 258.

Dating postcards velox
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